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About Us

Who we are

Promoters have faced many issues, when there is no friend available at home place when needed. Lots of issues have been resolved by requesting friends, relatives and others. Sometime they traveled to India to complete simple task by spending AIR Tickets and lots of time. They thought, others also might be facing similar issues and checked with friends.

Got expected answers!!!


With their experience, they started these services to known circle with limited capacity as DesiDost. All of the got 100% satisfaction. So ON DEMAND, these services are extended to help many Indians who are facing similar type of issues.


The importance of having a helping friend in our native place is always a great advantage when we are far from home town.NO ONE can replace a best friend, because a best friend can do everything for us, when our presence was not there at home. He/she can take care of our Parents, he/she can spend time when needed something to shop for us, he/she can file taxes on behalf of us, he/she can buy and send snacks and sweets for us when we want and many more. The list goes on….


But THERE IS A LIMITATION. Best friend might be helping mostly in and around their living place ONLY. Unfortunately, everyone might not have a best friend back in native place. How can these people will get help from India? This was a greatest WORRY for almost every Indian who are living out side India.


MyDesiDost(MDD) will replace or provide a very good Desi friend whenever you need. DesiDost will provide wide range of services in almost all major cities. Desi Dost has field force across nation wide. You just need to call and explain about your needs to DesiDost. Based on service and place DesiDost will be work you till your needs are fulfilled. Terms and conditions apply.


Company promoters has 30+ years of experience in shipping goods and services to across globe from India.  MyDesiDost is a company that has lots of personal experience in providing helping hands for those who really need a good friend back in India.