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How It Works

Assume that, if you have a Desi DOST in India, you will request/demand him/her to buy and send anything you want from your home and/or desired shop. You send money to him before or later
MyDesiDost (A FRIEND when you need) will also works in similar fashion. But you don’t need to have friend. You can get almost any thing (Books, Cloths, Kitchen items, return gifts, Snacks, Documents, Tax/Legal Services etc.,) you want from almost any place of India. MyDesiDost will work it out for you.. Call us to find what services we can do

For Enquiry and Quotation


Items                   Almost Anything You Want From India
From                   Almost Any Shop (Provide Address and Phone)
Volume             Any Unit of Volume You Want (10kg & Above Per Will Deliver to Home, <10kg Need to Pick Up From Local Retailer)
Pricing              Price of Your Item(S) (Shipping Charges (Lesser Than Other Courier Services) + Mydesidost Service Charge)
Delivery           3-5 Days

Price Example (actual prices might differ)

Item From KG Price Qty(in KG) Total
Kaju Katli G Pulla Reddy 1300 2 2,600.00
Atrayapuram Putarekulu Rajamundry 15000 2 3,000.00
Telangana Chakkinalu Sai Sweet House SR Nagar, Hyd 1200 2 2,400.00
Tapjeshwaram Kaja Kotaiah Sweets, Rajahmundry 850 3 2,550.00
Birthday Return Gifts From Home Begum Bazaar, Hyd 3 40,000.00
Total 12 14,550.00
3 day delivery Shipping Charges (for 12kg) 6,300.00
GST (18% ON Shipping) 1,134.00
Your Grand Total (in Rs.) 21,984.00
MyDesiDost Service Charges 05,000
Services charges are depending on type of services and work involved in it